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Welcome to the Remember and Honor magazine website, serving northern Colorado veterans and veteran supporters. 

A little history of what led to this magazine is in order. I have always had a deep respect and awe for what veterans did and continue to do. After I graduated from CSU, I went over to the Air Force recruiter to enlist, as my dad had served in the Air Force. Being the mid-80?s, the recruiter said there was nothing going on and he had already filled his officer slots, telling me not to go in as an enlisted man with a degree. I now considered the other options. Being a Colorado boy, I knew nothing about the sea; I was told by numerous people to never join the Army; and at the time the Marines scared the bejesus out of me. I never ended up serving and while I try to live life without regrets, never serving has always been a huge regret. 

Fast forward 20 years. I read an article about how the Library of Congress was starting a program to collect veterans?stories. I thought why not try and do something on the local level, so I went out and bought a video camera and started recording stories. To date, I have preserved the stories 500+ northern Colorado veterans. It has been a fascinating and fulfilling project. I believe we collect all the facts and figures, but not nearly enough of the personal stories. This experience has since morphed into an all consuming effort to honor and assist veterans in any way I can. 

This effort includes serving on the board of Honor Flight Northern Colorado, the Veterans Plaza committee, the Tribute to Veterans event committee, assisting in bringing in the old WWII birds to the airport , and numerous veteran ceremonies and events. I have gotten to know the veteran community fairly well. Within this community are truly amazing stories, incredible people, and a lot of outstanding organizations doing great work on behalf of veterans. What has always lacked is a central location to bring this all together and share this information. Thus this magazine, with the mission being to honor, entertain, and inform. This magazine will always welcome your feedback, ideas, news, and articles. I want to mold it to best fit your needs and interests. 

Thank you for picking our magazine.

Sincerely, Brad Hoopes 


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