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Stand Out From the Crowd


Stand out from your competitors as you remain "top of mind" showing up every month in front of NOCO veterans. 

We are looking for advertisers with products and services veterans use and need in their everyday lives.

Hypertarget Customers


If you've been are looking for an alternative way to exclusively reach directly to NOCO veterans, Hypertargeting is the key. 

The longer this magazine stays in the veterans' home, the more visibility you get. 

Connect in a Meaningful Way


"Put it in their hands and they will buy" is age old sales wisdom, the printed page is the new way to connect. 

When veterans are looking for your product or service, how are you connecting with them? are you using digital services, social media or the way we all feel good about - paper in your hand. 

NOCO Distribution


We hand deliver 2000 magazines every month to key locations veterans frequent, in and around Northern Colorado.



As a Remember And Honor Partner you will receive free physical copies of the magazine that you can put in your office, mail to clients, post on-line or email to clients and prospects.   

A digital copy  of the magazine is also available from the Remember And Honor website to download or share on-line.

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